June 16, 2024


Pastor Randy,
What a special blessing you are to all who find you at their side there at St.Joes! Me included! The gift of your presence and compassion means more than you can possibly know. There’s nothing like the weakness of an illness or surgery that causes one to end up in a hospital bed!

And there’s nothing like the love of Jesus being showed in such a situation! Thank you for
being the Lord’s special servant there so needed and so appreciated!

Ever so grateful,
Jackie Cunningham (Heart Beat of the Home Ministry)


Dear Randy & Bev,
Sorry we can’t make it to the banquet. We are so thankful for your visiting and encouragement when I was in the hospital with heart problems 2 years ago and for the exceptional understanding when my mother was dying.

I believe that through you, God worked in her to help her understand his plan of salvation. I noticed a decline in her allegiance to denominationalism during her last years as she was really thinking about these things. Your explanation of the right path to salvation came at the right time and she finally accepted the free gift of salvation, abandoning the “works.”

Thank you so much,
Gene & Pat Kautzer